Mehdi Bagherzadeh

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering
Oakland University

email: mbagherzadeh@oakland.edu
office: 542 Engineering Center

Ph.D., Iowa State University, 2016

Laboratory for Correct Software

I am actively recruiting highly motivated graduate/undegraduate students to join my lab

Research Interest

My research focuses on making engineering of correct software easier.
I work at the intersection of Software Engineering and Programming Languages.

Select Publications

    award Best Papers of Modularity'15          Mehdi Bagherzadeh Robert Dyer, Rex D. Fernando, Jose Sanchez and Hridesh Rajan, Modular Reasoning in the Presence of Event Subtyping, Modularity'15: 14th International Conference on Modularity, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, March 2015


    Winter 2019: CSI 5720: Software Security [grad], CSI 3350: Programming Languages [undergrad]
    Fall 2018: CSI 2310/5006: Data structures [undergrad/grad], CSI 3350: Programming Languages [undergrad]
    Winter 2018: CSI 5720: Software security [grad]
    Fall 2017: CSI 2310/5006: Data structures, [undergrad/grad]
    Winter 2017: CSE 572: Software security [grad]
    Fall 2016: CSE 231/506: Object oriented computing II, [undergrad/grad]

Major Awards and Honors

Current Students

    Syed Ahmed (Ph.D.)
    Srilakshmi Sripathi (M.Sc.)
    Benjamin Diehl (B.Sc.)
    Mohammed Awan (B.Sc.)


    Syed Ahmed, B.Sc., 2017, First employment: Ph.D. student @ Oakland University

Synergistic Activities

Organizing committee
FSE.18     PLRP@COMPSAC.18     Midwest Big Data Summer School.16    
Program committee
Programming.19   WASPI@ESEC/FSE.18   WAPI@ICSE.18   SETA@COMPSAC.18   SBES@CBSoft.18   SETA@COMPSAC.17   SBES@CBSoft.17   REBLS@SPLASH.16   FOAL@MODULARITY.16   AEC@SPLASH.14   WMod@CBSoft.14   LA-WASP@CBSoft.13  
TSE.18  JSS.18  JSERD.18  COMP.17  TECS.17  IST.17  TSE.16  JSS.16  SCP.15  COMLAN.15  IST.12 
External reviewer
AGERE.17   TOSEM.16   ICSE.16   MODULARITY.16   IWACO@ECOOP.16   COMPLAN.15   GPCE.15   SCP.15   SPLASH/OOPSLA.13    AOSD.13   SPLASH/OOPSLA.12   TACAS.12   VSTTE.12   AOSD.11   TAOSD.10   SPE.10   AOSD.10   OOPSLA.09   AOSD.09