Mehdi Bagherzadeh

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering
Oakland University

email: mbagherzadeh@oakland.edu
office: 542 Engineering Center

Ph.D., Iowa State University, 2016

Laboratory for Correct Software

I am actively recruiting highly motivated graduate/undegraduate students to join my lab

Research Interest

My research interest is in making engineering of correct concurrent software easier.
I work at the intersection of Programming Languages, Formal Methods and Software Engineering.

Select Publications


  • Fall 2018: CSI 2310/5006: Data structures, [undergraduate/graduate], CSI 3350: Programming Languages [undergraduate]
  • Winter 2018: CSI 5720: Software security [graduate]
  • Fall 2017: CSI 2310/5006: Data structures, [undergraduate/graduate]
  • Winter 2017: CSE 572: Software security [graduate]
  • Fall 2016: CSE 231/506: Object oriented computing II, [undergraduate/graduate]

Major Awards and Honors


  • Syed Ahmed (Ph.D.)
  • Benjamin Diehl (B.Sc.)


  • Syed Ahmed, B.Sc., 2017, First employment: Ph.D. student @ Oakland University

Synergistic Activities

Organizing committee
FSE.18     PLRP@COMPSAC.18     Midwest Big Data Summer School.16    
Program committee
Programming.19   WASPI@ESEC/FSE.18   WAPI@ICSE.18   SETA@COMPSAC.18   SBES@CBSoft.18   SETA@COMPSAC.17   SBES@CBSoft.17   REBLS@SPLASH.16   FOAL@MODULARITY.16   AEC@SPLASH.14   WMod@CBSoft.14   LA-WASP@CBSoft.13  
TSE.18  JSS.18  JSERD.18  COMP.17  TECS.17  IST.17  TSE.16  JSS.16  SCP.15  COMLAN.15  IST.12 
External reviewer
AGERE.17   TOSEM.16   ICSE.16   MODULARITY.16   IWACO@ECOOP.16   COMPLAN.15   GPCE.15   SCP.15   SPLASH/OOPSLA.13    AOSD.13   SPLASH/OOPSLA.12   TACAS.12   VSTTE.12   AOSD.11   TAOSD.10   SPE.10   AOSD.10   OOPSLA.09   AOSD.09